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I Was There When...

I Was There When...

By Richard Holmes
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...history was made on Jubilee Park

It was just a normal Autumnal morning with no evidence to suggest Jubilee Park would be the scene of a talking point for generations to come! The game began with Bloxham lining up in a 4-4-2 formation and it was a competitive game with Ilmington looking to go over the top and Bloxham looking to play it through the defensive lines. There was little for either keeper to worry about for the early part of the game but Scott was on hand when a looping shot headed towards the top corner and tipped it over the bar. The break through did come and it was in Ilmington's favour as a ball from the right found the head of the Ilmington forward who got just enough on it to sneak it past the outstretched hand of Scott.

Bloxham weren't with out their own chances and as the half went on there were plenty of balls played into the Ilmington box. A cross found it's way to the back post and the Ilmington defender took too long to clear and I pounced to fizz a ball back across the goal line and through to safety. The final chance of the half fell to me as well as Brooksy made a run down the right , into the box and looked to have teed it up perfectly for me on the spot, but a bobble left me shinning it and the chance was gone.

Only one down at half time and it was time for Bloxham to go for it, switching to a 3-5-2, trying to make the most of the space out wide. It certainly had the desired effect, at least to start with, as Bloxham were putting in a decent performance. Matt made a run down the right and got his cross in and the same happened from the left wing back. The equaliser came from a ball that flew across the face of goal, which I chased down and managed to get a corner from it. Kev, making his debut, jumped tallest and was credited with the ball finding it's way into the net. Confidence was high and it felt like we could push on from this start. Unfortunately it was just a couple of minutes later that we were back behind again as a ball over the top had Scrap scampering back and Scott scampering out of goal, only for Scrap to head it past Scott allowing the Ilmington player to follow it in. It felt undeserved but we weren't done just yet, history was about to be made.

Since the Vets conception Jubilee Park had never seen such scenes and most of us will never forget it - a dog encroaching on the pitch, causing the game to temporarily be suspended, whilst the owner was tracked down! Oh and as a side note Ian scored a goal! It was a run into the right hand side of the box and Ian took the decision to ignore the shouts for the cross and let one fly, off the underside of the bar and in. That was Ian done for though as his exuberant celebration took all the energy had left and he subbed himself!

At 2-2 it was in our hands again but Ilmington broke, and with Bloxham's defence standing firm the ball fell to an Ilmington player 30 yards from goal who struck one into the top corner and we were one down for the 3rd time in the game. The equaliser looked to have been odds on when Dan's ball found Kev, who nudged it through to Scrap, who only had the keeper to beat. A swing and a miss later Scrap was on his back and we were defending a goalkick! Where was Ian when you need him??

From here on mistakes took the game from us and despite continuing with a dominating performance we faced a 2-5 defeat at the end of a second half that deserved so much more. Plenty of talking points and plenty to be positive about, so keep heads up and avoid Ian this week!

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Sun 21, Oct 2018