Sat 07
Bloxham FC - Under 12s
Deddington colts
A Prentice (4'), (5'), (34'), M Leonard (9'), (58'), T Crouch (50'), (55'), H Mahmood (60'), T Robinson (62')
Goals galore

Goals galore

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Goal feast

Bloxham had there first game of the season against Deddington at home.
It wasn't going to be an easy game as Deddington are a very physical team and that's how it proved to be.
Bloxham started the strongest getting a quick goal after 3 mins which shocked Deddington a bit and before they knew it they were 2 nil up and flying then just before the 8 min mark bloxham were 3 nil up and it looked like this could be over before half time,But to be fair to Deddington there heads did not drop and they manged to win a free kick just outside the box which they put in to the top right.
Bloxham seemed to take there foot off the gas and lost there rhythm and then Deddington made a quick break and scored again to make it 3-2.
Bloxham battled and saw the first half out.
Half time 3-2
After regrouping and a good positive team talk bloxham knew Deddington would come at them and that's what happened with the pressure being applied bloxham seemed to just kick it anywhere which then it would go straight back to Deddington who would then attack.
For the first 10 mins bloxham held on and managed to get a counter attack which they punished Deddington with and scored to make it 4 - 2.
Again Deddington came back and put pressure on the Bloxham defence which lead to them getting a penalty which they scored to make it 4 - 3.
Bloxham started to regain there energy after a few changes and with another swift counter attack scored again to make it 5-3 but Deddington kept battling and had a long range effort go in after a fumble by the keeper 5 - 4.
Again bloxham stuck to there passing game and and with that manged to score another goal 6- 4
This was turning into some game surly there wouldn't be any more goals but there was and it came from Deddington who managed to score another one to pile on the pressure 6-5.
After Deddington scored their 5th goal Bloxham seemed to step it up a gear and there was a fresh energy and with only 10 mins to go Bloxham pushed forward causing Deddington problems and manged to force them into a mistake and score 7 - 5.
Before you could blink bloxham had scored another goal after a fast attack 8 - 5.
And then with the last seconds of the game remaining bloxham created another great attack to finish it 9 - 5.

Reveiw: A really entertaining game of football from both teams and Deddingtons never give up attitude made this into a good game of football.
To be fair with Deddington being 3 nil down after 8 mins there heads could of dropped but they didn't and they battled which was good to see.
Bloxham did really well in the first 10 mins and deserved to be 3 nil up but they made the mistake of sitting off the players thinking the game was won and were punished for it when Deddington got back into the game.
Bloxham could have won this game by half time if they kept there work rate up and that is something we will work on in training.
Overall there attitude was spot on the pressing was good and awareness of the team mates was good and the passing was great considering how long the grass was. The whole team worked hard and helped each other out it was a good performance and a performance we should aim for in every match.
I think with a few little tweaks here and there we will be fine this season.

MOM: this was a tough decision but it goes to Alfie prentice for making some great diagonal passes out wide but for also scoring a hat trick in his first game of the season well done and keep working hard.

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Sat 07, Sep 2019